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Sx4Pro AWD Controller



Sx4Pro AWD Controller
Motorsports SX4 AWD Differential Controller only $495.00!

SX4Pro Controller is an intelligent differential controller for SX4 AWD transmission. This controller has an intelligent algorithm based system that allows for a real hands free, adapting capability to varying road conditions. The only controller in the world for Suzuki SX4. The system is integrated in a single box (IP65) for easy installation and less wiring. This unit includes all parts needed for the operation independent of ECU or ABS ECM.

Technical Details:

Supports USDM/JDM transmissions
Dual axis, high precision and fast response g-sensor mountable at center of gravity (outside of the base unit)
Custom firmware with adaptive capability needs minimum supervision on all road conditions
Intelligent modes based on driver throttle behavior, g-sensor behavior and speed that switches on the fly automatically
Center Diff lock calculations are using advanced formulas instead of unintelligent maps or look-up tables
The controller also features direct manual control of the center diff Unique and exclusive Left Foot Braking option
Can be optioned with an interface to allow a DIY cluster display to show “real time” power output to center Differential
NEMA IP65 standard, dust proof and water resistant box
Dimensions: 4.7″x3.7″x1.4″ (inches)
Tamper resistant, long lasting standard controls with each base unit.
Operational Details:

The hardware and firmware were designed to work together to be as “driver transparent” as possible. Our philosophy is that the less you need to adjust or monitor while driving the more you can concentrate on the road and your race.

This SX4Pro controller constantly and frequently monitors the attached sensors, updating the output based on how the car is behaving in reaction to driver inputs. It features several adaptive firmware modes that it switches between on the fly. Without going into a detailed explanation of the firmware formulas, the system automatically switches between formula appropriate for “parking lot / highway cruise”, aggressive cornering”, “aggressive straight line”, and “stuck in snow/mud” based on what information it receives from the sensors.

It monitors the output level as well as the speed at which the various sensors change. For example it can differentiate between slow gradual throttle application vs. rapid throttle acceleration and respond accordingly.

The controller features both auto and direct manual control of the output. When the led illuminated switch is pressed, this controller can manually control the output of the controller from the control knob.

It can also be optioned with an interface to a LED cluster display in to show the output levels of the lock signal.

Download Installation Manual

Warnings: Use at your own risk! For Off-road use only!

Fully optioned model shown in product picture. Base model includes standard controls.

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