ON SALE! FUELPro is simple to install. Just connect a switched power to the controller (must be suitable for 335+ Amps), fuel pump power out to the pump and one wire command coming from ECU or a sensor. You are all set!

Note:Default setting for demand signal is a 5V PWM signal.If you have 5V analog signal from your ECU, TPS or mass airflow sensor please pick the 5V analog option (no extra fee). If you need 12V analog or PWM demand signal let us know in advance.

  • 0-5 volts analog input

    Allows 0-5 volts analog input (PWM input disabled) No Fee

Product Description

FuelPro is an aftermarket performance fuel pump controller designed for vehicles such as Subaru, Nissan and Mitsubishi. It is designed with performance fuel pumps. Here are some features:

1- FuelPro prevents fuel warm up and cavitation due to fuel pump bypass and continuous operation at 100%.

2- FuelPro continuously adjusts the power to the fuel pump based on the demand from the ECU in comparison to OEM controller with only three levels: low, medium and high (%100) demand.

3- FuelPro delivers higher pump power ahead of engine’s increase in demand as it senses the ramp up of demand and adjusts with accuracy to increase performance.

4- FuelPro increases the life of the fuel pump compared to always active pump.