TSSPro Installation Guide

Need to connect Turbocharger Speed Sensor to data-logger or monitor directly in cabin?

TSSPro allows you to monitor the speed of your turbocharge (if equipped with speed sensor) and connect to any common data-logger.

TSSPro Installation:
1. Remove negative terminal of your vehicle battery.
2. Find a location inside the cabin to install the TSSPro enclosure where it will not be exposed to excessive heat and the indicator is visibly seen.
3. Pass the 3 pin black connector with yellow seal on TSSPro through firewall and to the speed sensor.
4. Plug in the 3 pin black connector to the speed sensor from turbocharger. Make sure you sensor is a 5V sensor. The Red wire is 5V source, Black is sensor ground and Green wire is sensor pulse output.
5. Find a ground near your Data Acquisition system. Ground Black wire (in the  4 wire R/ G/ B/ W bundle) of the TSSPro to a bolt or screw anchored into the metal frame of the vehicle.
6. Connect the Red wire to switched power. Switched ignition can be used.
Note: TSSPro is not internally fused – so tie to switched ignition on the other side of a fuse or use an inline fuse holder.
7. Tie the Green wire to a convenient ground point near switched power/switched ignition.
8. Connect the White wire to an Analog input on your Data Acquisition system. This is the analog voltage that varies linearly with Turbo Speed. It is buffered and puts out a 0-5v signal. Note: If you the speeds of beyond 250,000 RPM then the analog input will rise above 5V.
9. Reconnect the negative terminal of your vehicle battery.
10. Configure your data acquisition package for 0-5V input and load the calibration curve on this guide:

Calibration Formulas (based on a 8x divider in the speed sensor):
12 vane Turbo RPM = 40029 x (TSSPro Voltage Out) + 2981
14 vane Turbo RPM = 32068 x (TSSPro Voltage Out) + 2555
16 vane Turbo RPM = 30072 x (TSSPro Voltage Out) + 2236


  • Operation Voltage:  11.5V – 18.5V
  • Operation Temp.: 140F (65C) (ambient)
  • Supports all Turbochargers
  • Digital Display for Diagnostic and Monitoring inside the cabin
  • NEMA IP65 standard, dust proof and water resistant box
  • Update rate of 100 cycles per second
  • Dimensions: 3.5″x2.25″x1.5″ (inches)