Spiider Plus Dual Processor DCCD Controller - Lowest Latency, Highest Performance, Targeted for Tarmac/Track Racing
Universal DCCD Controller
Spiider DCCD Controller - Intuitive, Versatile, Easy to Install, True Hands-Free Operation
AWDPro - AWD Controller for Lineartronic
AWDPro-AWD Controller for 4/5EAT Transmission

Our flagship Spiider family of DCCD controllers, with years of modeling and testing both in the lab and on the road, perform remarkable in all track conditions using adaptive algorithms. Presenting a technology lead with True Hands-Free® capability out of the box. This has been extended to our AWD Controllers for 5EAT/4EAT transmissions and later All Symmetrical.

Our goal is to provide quality and performance with our easy to install products and for you to experience an exceptional customer service. Our Sales Terms Here.

VSS Signal Generator
VssPlus - Vehicle Speed Signal Regenerator
DCCDPro Manual Controller
FuelPro - Performance Pump Controller, 20+ Amp
Plug & Play Connectors Kits
STi DCCD Controls
DCCD controller performs in a sharp turn

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