Universal Spiider



Pursuit of Performance on Every Turn!

Did you swap a 6 speed STi transmission in your car? Do you need the DCCD that provides performance on every turn, works on all road conditions and truly hands-free with an intelligent solution?

This motorsports grade product is specifically designed for STi conversion as well as 6 speed STi transmission swapped cars. It includes everything required for true hands-free DCCD operation. Advanced hardware and adaptive software design of the control module elevates DCCD high performance.  You still will be able to use adjustment knob to increase sensitivity of the system and guide it to be more or less aggressive. Setting the locking force in manual mode is easy by knob adjustment between fully locked and unlocked levels.

  • Add on options (if ordered) are all integrated into the system (no additional module/wiring hassle) and system works out of the box (No additional setup/programming required).
  • The product photo is a base unit (standard controls, cluster option not included)
  • If you add the SI-Drive(08+) control you do not need to add the support option as it will be included (combo pricing)

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