DCCDPro Manual Controller

Technical Details:

  • Supports USDM/JDM/ADM 6 speed and older 5 speed transmissions
  • Microprocessor based system control responds to knob adjustment instantly
  • Easily add any switch to unit for instant lock(tm)
  • Easily add any switch to unit for instant open(tm)
  • Can be optioned with OEM STi thumbwheel control to maintain factory look
  • NEMA IP65 standard, dust proof and water resistant box

Operational Details
To increase the locking force of your center diff, turn the knob clockwise.

To decrease the locking force, turn the knob counter-clockwise.

This manual controller will need to be turned down upon entering a slow speed turning situation or you will experience “feedback” from the drive train into the steering wheel and a great amount of drag on the vehicle possibly even stalling your forward movement.

If connected, the ebrake cutout wire will stop the signal to the diff when the ebrake is pulled. Signal will resume within milliseconds when the ebrake is released.

Limited warranty
The 60 day warranty is limited to the repair, replacement or refund of the purchase price to be determined upon receipt and analysis of returned product. Shipping and handling, installation and removal fees and/or damage to the vehicle will not be covered under any circumstances.

Warnings: Use at your own risk! For Off-road use only!


This device solves the problem of using a new style transmission that lacks a vehicle speed sensor.

It was designed around the Japanese manufactured cars platform (Subaru specifically) but can also be used for a multitude of other vehicles.

Technical: The device is designed to input the frequency of the abs Wss signal (only one active sensor required). It converts it to a vehicle speed sensor (Vss) signal that can be accurately and easily read by the vehicle’s ECU/ECM and speedometer. Other than sensor and the activating ring on the hub no other part of OEM ABS system is required.

This device also allows for accurate wheel size adjustment or speed calibration via a built in adjustment.

Easy to install in a small,dust proof and water resistant box.


Alternative to Hardwire Performance Fuel Pump Kits – Plus Version supports up to 22 VDC

Motorsports FuelPro Fuel Pump Controller is Your Solution:

FuelPro is an aftermarket performance fuel pump controller designed for vehicles such as Subaru (STi-WRX Impreza, Forester, Outback), Nissan and Mitsubishi Lancer (EVO). It is designed with performance fuel pumps in mind  at lower cost of rudimentary hardwire kits. Here are some features:

1- FuelPro prevents fuel warm up and cavitation due to fuel pump bypass and continuous operation at 100%

2- FuelPro continuously adjusts the power to the fuel pump based on the demand from the ECU

3- FuelPro increases the life of the fuel pump compared to always active pump.